Thursday, July 19, 2012

Book of Curses

Meet Raine Renning, your average teenager and her Twin brother, Thomas. Their lives are pretty normal - if you count moving from house to house, and town to town normal. Since the death of their father Leland, their mother Tori has shown her true colors. On their 18th birthday Tom decides to have his ex-girlfriend, and best friend, Christie come over for a small party and give Raine her gift - the one that will change all of their lives forever. A book - While reading it and joking around they're mysteriously pulled within it's cursed, bound pages and told of the prophecy they are to fulfill. Vampyre's. Faerie's. Lycan's. Creature's they thought were only stories take their places as the Renning's Guardians, from Region to Region they learn more and more about it. Dragon's. Human's. Nephilim. Now, if only they can figure out how to take down four god's in the middle of this entire mess, and still save their world from destruction - Oh, and don't forget choosing what immortal creature to become... - Amazon.

My Review
I really liked this author. Leah is really nice and really sweet and funny too. I'm happy she had me read this book and review it for her because it really really is an amazing book. Reading it, I can completely agree with others, that I definately was taken to another world. Lots of characters and I loved them all - especially Lupus. He made me giggle. I loved this book, it had funny moments and serious moments and a great story line. I can't wait for it to continue. There was always something happening so I wasn't ever bored with it, and it wasn't really a 'love story' like most books these days, kinda short but still great. I'd love to read more of her books, her writing is amazing. :)