Thursday, December 22, 2011

Across the Universe

Amy and her parents have been cryogenically frozen to be awakened in 300 years when their spaceship reaches the planet they will colonize. Unfortunately, Amy is unfrozen 50 years too soon. Her parents are too critical to the colony to awaken early, so by the time she sees them again, she will be older than they are. The culture on the spaceship is unfamiliar and everyone Amy meets is either an emotionless drone or lives in the mental ward. But there is little time for her to grieve the loss of her former life, because someone is thawing other colonists and leaving them to die. In order to find the murderer, Amy must join forces with Elder, the teenage future leader of the ship. But all of the inhabitants onboard have been told lies, and there are secrets that even Elder doesn't know. This compelling novel is told in alternating chapters from Amy's and Elder's points of view. Amy is a contemporary character in a fish-out-of-water situation, and her grief and fear are realistically depicted. And as Elder learns the truth behind the ship, he begins to experience a coming-of-age that is convincingly written. The mystery will propel readers along, and the budding romance between Amy and Elder set against the backdrop of a dystopian society will appeal even to readers who don't enjoy science fiction. Revis's thrilling debut novel hints at more great books to come. -; Across the Universe.

                              My Review
I absolutely loved this book. Fell in love from the very first page. Seriously. I HIGHLY reccomend this book- to anyone actually. I enjoyed it so much and it's so entertaining and very captivating. Beth Revis is an amazing author by far one of my favourites. I can't wait for more books by her and especially for this story to continue. I read it quite quickly because I simply couldn't stop reading, so I reccomend having spare time on your hands while reading this because it's truly impossible to put down. I loved how she went back and forth from Elder and Amy- you'd think it was only about Amy from reading the back but it's not. And I enjoyed reading from Elder's perspective just as much. It's hard to imagine being trapped inside steel walls and knowing nothing beyond them- you never even get to see the stars. I love the stars so that's suck! I remember seeing this book in emails I get from a website and I thought it had something to do with the movie. Of course- I ADORE the Beatles and I looked at it. And loved what I read. It's hard to talk about a book this amazing without giving things away, haha. Beth gives great details in this book and it helps you picture the ship and the people. I loved this book so very much. I think you would too.

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  1. Could not agree more my dear! I am so glad you enjoyed it!