Saturday, December 31, 2011


Luce must spend her senior year at reform school after her boyfriend dies in a mysterious fire. She suspects that the dark shadows that have tormented her all her life had something to do with it. When she meets supernaturally gorgeous Daniel, she feels a familiar longing, making her believe they have met before. Although Cam is clearly interested in her, Luce only wants Daniel, who runs both hot and cold. He tries to keep Luce at a distance, telling her that the truth would kill her as it has many times before. The first chapter is gripping and foreshadows the supernatural elements to come. The plot revolves around lovers who find one another, only to lose one another over and over again in a story that spans centuries. Instead of vampires, though, these are fallen angels. Many elements are not resolved, such as the cause of the fire and why angels are at this school. Still, fans of supernatural romance will be lining up for this book despite its flaws, and begging for a sequel.- Amazon.
                   My Review
Honestly- the cover drew me to read this book. I adore this series. I honestly do. I love reading books about past lives because I wish that there we're such things and that we actually knew about it. Well- who's to say it isn't true. Luce is a great character, I loved her. Daniel as well, since he's angel and all. It really draws you in with the mystery behind it and it makes you just want to keep reading to see what happens. I read other reviews over this book and a lot of people were disappointed over it. I loved it, though I will say that the second and third book are much more interesting. Fallen makes you want to continue to see where it goes. And where it goes is great. I hope you take a chance to read this book- I honestly didn't think it was a disappointment. But everybody is different and has their own opinion. It has it's funny moments too, some spelling errors but great. If you love romance and fallen angels or past lives- read this and give it a chance. Amazing series that only gets better.

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