Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Unidentified

Everyone knows we are being watched. It's not even something to be paranoid about. It's a fact. We'll be talking to a friend then all of a sudden, we're AWARE of ... I don't know, being public. We start to say our lines too loud, waiting for the audience to laugh. Not for our friend to laugh, just ... the world. The world is watching, somehow and we want to entertain them. We want to be smart and funny. Clever, witty, loved. We want to know someone cares. We want to know the sponsors care. They invest in schools because they care about what we wear, what we listen to, what we watch, and what we're saying about what we wear, listen to, and watch. The world is a giant squinty eye, peeking in through the skylight, spying. Does that creep us out? No. We like the attention.

        My Review
"I'm not really sure what else to say about The Unidentified except that I had to force myself to finish it, and the ending left me feeling disappointed that I had even bothered." Missie from Goodreads. I found this and it explained exactly how I felt. The description sounds really interesting doesn't it? Especially the last sentence. Well it has absolutely nothing to do with it. It took me a very long time to even finish it because it took so long to even get into. I don't even think I ever got really into the book. I kept reading because I hoped it would become interesting at some point - and sadly it didn't. I didn't like Kid. She was a confusing character and shallow to me. When her friends treated her like crap she just took it. I'm the kind of person who will confront you on what you did wrong and make sure you apologize or atleast see and know how I feel about what you did. Her just standing there and taking it made me annoyed and angry. The kids didn't really ever do anything in this 'school' besides check their 'intouch'. Didn't study, didn't learn anything. I hate to be rude about books - but I personally didn't enjoy this story at ALL. If you did, that's fine. I thought it'd be good. it sounded very mysterious on the back of the book ... but it was totally different and it sucked.

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